Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Summer or Bummer (Glasto Special)

I may only be guessing but I assume this is what you'll be doing this Friday. Wake up, have a shower (or bathe in the morning dew to keep aging at bay like the Icelandic say you should on June 24), get dressed, eat breakfast, clean your teeth, drive to work singing "Friday" by Rebbecca Black, lounge about pretending to do work but really be looking forward to the weekend, have lunch, go back to doing FA, drive home singing exactly the same annoying song, get in and have a grumble about the boss, watch a bit of tennis, listen to your local BBC Introducing if it goes out on a Friday, grab your dinner (or feast to St. John), put the telly on, kick back and watch Glastonbury!

For the new music you want BBC3 and for the older stuff BBC4. I'm focusing more on the new side of things (not that there's anything wrong with U2) by taking six of the main acts according to the RadioTimes and asking if they're your favourite performer, Summer, or not, Bummer. Normally I just ask you to label the songs (last week it was Example, Arctic Monkeys and Adele x2 were Summer with only Alex Gaudino getting Bummer) but because it's Glastonbury and there all pretty good you have to number them from 1 to 5 (1 being Summeriest, 5 being Bummeriest). I don't care if you rate the song, artist or their Glastonbury performance but the idea is you sit in front of the TV eating fish and chips and when the act comes out you just shout out the number you've given them. Easy!

Two Door Cinema Club
The Wombats
Fleet Foxes
Biffy Clyro
The Vaccines
Mumford & Sons

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