Sunday, 19 June 2011

Chase & Status and Tinie Tempah are Back

The second we first heard "I make Hitz not the public/I tell the DJs what to play/Understand" on Zane Lowe's show it was obvious the new single from Chase & Status was going to be massive. And now it's made it to the Radio 1 Playlist which is where I get all my music from so I've finally decided to review it. If you've kinda shunned the duo after they went from making tunes like Against All Odds and End Credits to mainstream rubbish like Time.

And it was the same story for Tinie Tempah whose vocals feature on the track; he slipped from the legendary Pass Out and Miami 2 Ibiza to churning out the horribly generic like Invicible and Eyes Wide Shut. But now they're both back to their usually club-banging selves with help from Wretch 32 who doesn't seem to be able to put a foot wrong as far as music is concerned.

Hitz is an incredible, erm, hit for dance fans everywhere with its thumping bassline and booming beat that'll be making waves at Glastonbury next Friday. That's nerd speak for Chase & Status for the win! But grimy melody is so addictive it's unbelievable. And Tinie's outdone himself again where lyrics are concerned. There's lines in there that blow "I been Southampton but I've never been to Scunthorpe" out the water. But watch out kids, there's some very strong language. Luckily the instrumental's stronger than the vocals. And then there's loads of other tecnical bits as well that I don't understand but anyway the end result is an mish-mash of utter awesomeness.
But with so many scratchy dubstep sound effects it sounds more like a remix than an original record. Speaking of remixes (and I've heard less tedious links from Dave Vitty) there are some great ones flying about. 16Bit's given us a headache but in a good way, Delta Heavy went a little less mad and kept the rapping but is still gonna get you on the dancefloor and Dillion Francis has gone Skrillex-style crazy.

I think all this mad dubstepness has gone to my head though because I've actually decided to do my own remix. You know with all the different angles its been taken I though maybe I would have a go for a laugh on a Sunday afternoon. Big mistake. So here's my Mistajam Dubstep Soundboard remix of Chase & Status' Hitz. Enjoy (but make sure you have your volume on max cause the quality's as rubbish as the remix)!

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