Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Tinchy Stryder & Dappy vs Rizzle Kicks

Tinchy Stryder and Dappy aren't a new collaboration. In fact Tinchy's first number one single (appropriately name Number 1) was with Dappy and the rest of N-Dubz. And Spaceship is nothing new either. It's just two big names showing off about how great their life is. I swear if I hear anything else from N-Dubz about 'rags to riches' I'll actually explode.

And if you can really have anything you wish for, Dappy, what about a decent music video? I was expecting a big sci-fi production movie with smoke and lasers and everything but instead was forced to endure the duo cruising around a harbour in flash cars and speedboats making stupid arm movements to try to impress some scandalously-dressed girls. Dappy didn't even wear his hat. I don't know about a face lift guys but some laser surgery to get rid of those ridiculous tattoos would be a good idea.
At the other end of the rap spectrum there's the new BBC Introducing band Rizzle Kicks. The duo are made up of rapping Rizzle and singing Sylvester. Their song Prophet (Better Watch It) was on the Radio 1 playlist (like every other song I've reviewed) last week and the group will be playing at the Big Weekend this Saturday (I don't see you at Carlisle, Stryder!) where I guarantee they will tear up the Introducing stage - just like all the other acts that are performing on it.

But more about Prophet, if old school hip-hop and the latest pop tunes were blended in a cocktail they would call it Rizzle Kicks. The song's really simplistic but amazing nonetheless. The music video is a brilliant piece of artistry from photographer Toby Lockerbie. He's fused a whopping 960 photographs together and photoshopped in some neon highlights and psychedelic blurs to make one of the best music videos of the year. The song isn't subtitled Better Watch It for nothing you know, and you Better Watch this lot.

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