Monday, 18 April 2011

Phew Fighters

Last Friday you may have heard me telling everyone about rock being an alternative music genre that'll only ever make it big as dubstep. How wrong was I?! That new Foo Fighters album Wasting Light wasn't very big was it? It didn't knock off Adele after her eleven weeks as the number one album, did it? It didn't get six songs from the album (but suprisingly not Rope) as well as Best Of You and Learn To Fly into the rock singles charts, did it? It didn't get eight Foo Fighter albums into the rock album charts, did it? Oh actually it did. It makes No More Idols getting to number 2 look like The Northern Song Collective's flop in last week's rock chart ( Can you believe that there's never been a Nirvana or Foo Fighters studio album that hasn't been at least Platinum selling. Hats off to Dave Grohl.

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