Tuesday, 24 March 2015

George Rose, Dept. of Liquor & Social Affairs, Northampton

He's released the perfect soundtrack for those 3am Skype calls.

Hey good looking,

Confetti cannons, bubble machines and a pinata - now that's how you do a single launch. Oh and amazing music, of course. Despite the venue's substandard acoustics, George Rose pulled off one hell of a gig last Friday (that's 20th March) and, having supported some of his previous bands before, I couldn't resist heading down to check out his latest project.

With the title 'Awake', the single itself is (ironically) deliciously dreamy. Don't worry about dropping off though, George's glittering guitar work and multi-instrumental flair carries the track effortlessly, and that breakdown at the end is well worth the wait. So many of his songs encapsulate the highs and lows of teenage romance, and with the chorus of "don't fall fall fall fall asleep" 'Awake' is the perfect soundtrack for those 3am Skype calls.

I didn't manage to catch any of the opening set from The Naked Spoons however, having rocked out to them numerous times before, I'm almost certain they set the place alight (bloody arsonists!)

Second to perform it was indie rockers We Animals, a band who I'd last seen just a couple of weeks ago at the launch party for their EP 'The Fall'. Once again the four piece brought such cheerful vibes to my Friday evening playing the sort of carefree, infectious guitar music that you might associate with Catfish & The Bottlemen or maybe The Kooks. Bursting with energy, but ultimately nondescript.

The third act I first discovered around a year ago judging a charity Battle of the Bands. All three of us on the panel unanimously agreed that they had the potential to flourish into something brilliant and, following Friday's performance, suffice to say we were not wrong there. Aside from being immaculately dressed, Fox Chapel played a blinder with their confident fusion of resounding guitar riffs, rapid-fire drumming & nifty bass lines. Plus there's an EP coming soon y'know.

"Go away, I don't give a fuck what you say to me any more" roared George Rose like an angsty Rhett Butler. Relax - he wasn't having a temper tantrum - it's a line from 'I Hate You', a raging giant of a song that, judging from the crowd's reaction, has become something of a cult classic over at Northampton College.

Audience hooked, George and his band Alex Taylor (drums) & Tom Moulard (bass) then proceeded to perform some of their newer material. The trio's lively, clean-cut indie tunes were varied to say the least, featuring more jaunty indie guitar riffs than you can shake a stick (or a faulty confetti cannon) at. Rumour has it there's a tour coming this summer, so if you're searching for something to rattle your wristbands and tap your DMs to then George Rose is the man for you.

George Rose
The Naked Spoons
We Animals
Fox Chapel

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