Friday, 21 March 2014

Gig Review: Tomorrow at NN Cafe

What inspired you to become a musician?
I can pinpoint it to an exact song - 'Life On Mars' by David Bowie. I grew up with my family listening to very religious music which I never really got into, and all my friends listened to Westlife.
And then I heard David Bowie and I was like "wow this is my thing." It was the way he was telling stories and stuff in the song which, obviously being a kid your imagination just goes on fire, seemed amazing.
What have you achieved so far?
Most of my musical performance was actually when I travelled around Europe working as a professional busker which was pretty cool. I played 21 different countries in so many cities and towns, and that was a really good experience.
Since I've come to uni I've organised a gig (tonight), I've performed at The Picturedrome, The Roadmender and I've done a lot of gigs in London.
What are your future plans?
Keep performing. Keep recording. I do visual art stuff as well as audio so I'm interested in working with some audio-visual art collectives. Generally creating things that express the way that I feel and I see the world.
What do you write about in your songs?
I don't really like it but when I'm really pissed off I have nothing else that I'd rather do than write a song about it. So a lot of my music ends up being quite angry because I'd rather get a song out of someone than have a go at them.
Being a bit reflective, thinking about my childhood, some of the happier ones are about when I was a busker and looking back at that - all the inspiring times I had out there and the people that I met. A lot about people, definitely, they're probably the biggest influence on my work.

Have you got a guilty pleasure?

When was the last time I listened to something guilty? I used to feel very guilty about listening to ABBA but now I just embrace that.

I remember there was a Britney Spears song that I used to really like, which is a bit embarrassing. And an even more embarrassing reason; it's because I saw my dance teacher perform it and I thought she was as fit as hell so I liked the song.

At this point Charlie Trotman (he of the awesome camera skills and Warhol obsession) stated taking massively zoomed in pictures of our faces.

Question from Alan Lynn: What are your thoughts on mods?

I think I would be more of a rocker had I been in the whole rivalry. I'm good with the mods though. I like them. I like Quadrophenia, great film, kinda wish I was there it looks like a lot of fun, maybe not getting arrested but the general excitement. I have nothing against the mods, I think they're a nice bunch. And I like their jackets.

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