Friday, 21 February 2014

Gig Review: The Wytches at The Labour Club

Double, double, toil and trouble, Wytches turn The Lab to rubble

Hey good looking,

It's not often that a band on the verge of making something truly incredible and receiving so much media attention for it pay Northampton a visit. So when fast-rising trio The Wytches, newly signed to Heavenly Recordings, announced a fourteen date UK tour that commenced practically on my doorstep (two and a half miles away still counts!) - followed by local music legend Andy Skank revealing this would be his final ever gig for The Labour Club (cue drunken chants in appreciation) - the overall combination sent not only me but virtually half the town to fever pitch with excitement.

Performing an electrifying set full of breakdowns so warped and distorted they could turn your brain inside out within a matter of moments, ex-Northamptonians now living in the hipster haven of Brighton Broadbay were the first to take to the stage and really set our anticipation soaring.

Then was the turn of Kagoule. Adjust The Way', the trio's latest single, had a gloriously scuzzy sound to it - like someone repeatedly bludgeoning you over the head with a coarse slab of concrete (Hate Hate Hate Records certainly know their stuff when it comes to aggressive guitar riffs, right?) - however in comparison the rest felt fairly hit and miss.

And finally... the headline performance. Any good? ANY GOOD?!?!?! The Wytches were phenomenal: powering through menacing, dissonant surf-psych with the unrefined volatility that only a band as fresh and recently formed as these can truly achieve.

There was no end to the incredible torrents of fury unleashed by Kristian Bell, the frontman shrieking against coarse, savage guitar riffs and clamorous drums whilst lurching savagely towards the audience.

Songs such as 'Robe For Juda' were buzzing with mosh pit-inducing raucousness, whereas others crept out of darker, more sinister recesses, and sporadically the trio leapt between and blasted out the both of them.

Quite possibly the most suffocating, exhilarating band I've ever seen at The Lab. I'm bewytched.

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