Friday, 8 November 2013

Single Review: Silver Arm - Steady Like A Vein

An onslaught of savagery recorded by Rory Attwell (The Vaccines, Palma Violets). Steady on there fellas.

Aaaarrgghh my head! Something knocked me unconscious hours ago and the concussion is still yet to wear off. All I remember was a relentless bout of thunderous drums and raw, deranged guitar riffs barraging me from all sides - causing my blood to pound against my ears and my brain to feel as if it was ripping in two - before a banshee-like shrieking cascaded into the mix and all of a sudden...

Silver Arm's audio assault will be released by The Shipping Forecast (a Northampton-based management company with excellent talent spotting abilities) on 25th November. Their debut 10" EP is planned for release early 2014 through Big Tea Records.

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