Friday, 1 November 2013

Single Review: Cousin Avi - Polly

A scorcher of a record from a band who like their coffee how they like their women: hot and strong baby!

First OhBoy, then Baby Godzilla, and now Cousin Avi. Seriously what's the obsession with having people hurl gunk at you in your music vids? Is it some sort of new viral craze I've missed out on or something? How peculiar. Tonnes of fun, but still peculiar. Onto the song then...
Boom! 'Polly' comes blazing out of the stocks at maximum velocity - a flaming funk rock anthem loaded full of high-octane ardour and with the sizzling levels cranked up all the way to chargrilled. This band are pushing their razor-sharp intensity to the absolute limits and the music they're creating sounds nothing short of incredible. Sweeeeeeet.


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