Friday, 22 November 2013

EP Review: Threads - The Emperor's New Misery

A treasure trove of vibrant indie rock tunes from not one but four Captain Hooks

Much like a chihuahua that's just had a four inch needle rammed up its jacksie, Northampton-based Threads are short, snappy and bounding with energy.

Crammed full of blasting guitar riffs and masses of hooks, 'The Emperor's New Misery' is certainly in no short supply of bold, striking melodies with the potential to have indie fans all over the UK springing to their feet in an instant.

Juxtaposed against this are despondent lyrics ("if happiness is relative then I'm relatively unhappy" sings punk-spiked vocalist Dan Goodrich) that'll be more familiar to anyone who enjoyed their 2011 EP 'Surgery' - more of a gloomy old Saint Bernard than a Border Collie.

It might sound a little too smoothed out or diluted at times but that's not going to stop 'The Emperor's New Misery' from becoming wedged in my head all week. Threads have definitely got the potential, so keep 'em peeled alright!

DISCLAIMER: No dogs were impaled during the critiquing of this EP.

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