Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Album Review: ACODA - Yours To Defend

A blistering debut album from the rapidly expanding Corby-based metal quartet.

Ladies and gents, let's RAWK. A venomous metalcore assault, ACODA's debut full length is an immensely thrilling record - the type that sends a surge of malevolence pounding through your circulatory system and fills your body with the sudden desire to obliterate anything and everything within a five meter radius.

Collectively the band have applied their formidable technical abilities and laborious efforts to make 'Yours To Defend' the gigantic anger-ridden album that's been driving so many listeners wild with excitement.

Songs such as 'The Ludovico Technique' morph effortlessly between anthemic guitar shredding and more progressive, ominous melodies with the band's vocalists roaring lyrics of such infuriated social condemnation that they could inspire even George Osborne to take to the streets in a V For Vendetta mask.

As one of the Northamptonshire bands that I've been supporting from as early on as I possibly could, it's fantastic to see ACODA receiving such critical commendation from across the board as well as being voted album of the year by over two hundred and fifty Thrash Hits readers. Monstrous!

The album might be called 'Yours To Defend' but it sees ACODA very much on the offensive. There's no denying it: the future is theirs to demolish.

20: NORTHAMPTON Big Noise Studio
21: RHYL North Wales Inn
22: GLASGOW Audio
23: ABERDEEN Tunnel 2
24: DUNDEE Beat Generator
25: LEEDS Escobar
27: BIRMINGHAM The Flapper
29: STOKE Minsters Bar
30: DERBY Hairy Dog

01: SWANSEA Static
02: LONDON Upstairs at The Garage
03: GUILDFORD Boiler Room
04: CARDIFF Bogiez
05: PLYMOUTH White Rabbit

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