Saturday, 26 October 2013

EP Review: Jungle - The Heat

If you can't stand this EP, get out of the kitchen. If you can... Welcome to the Jungle.

Looking for some hot stuff baby this evening? Well aren't you a clever dick, because electro/soul duo Jungle were exactly what I had in mind too. Their debut EP 'The Heat' is of such high temperature it could melt through even the toughest of steels without batting an eyelid. Definitely one for your asbestos headphones.
Mmmm mmmmmm. With a lethargic and syrupy consistency that I've immersed myself into entirely, instantly prominent rhythms form the underlying foundations to the mysterious pair's short player around which are constructed glittering falsettos, fragmented drum breaks and minimalistic synthesisers - interspersed with some rather peculiar samples.
More grooves than Austin Powers singing Deee-Lite on karaoke. Ooh brother.

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