Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Gig Review: The Factory July 2013 at The Roadmender

Having championed young musical talent in Northampton for nearly a decade, The Y Factor certainly know how to throw a party. In fact they hold one every single month. I checked out the latest, and for a Tuesday night in Northampton I doubt you'll find anywhere better than this...

Katie Rutter
Described on The Y Factor's Facebook page as "fresher" (don't ask me why, maybe she uses extra strong toothpaste), mediocre vocalist Katie made her debut not only in the competition but as a live performer singing mellow, lethargic pop songs with acoustic guitar accompaniment from Jack Foster.

Make no assumptions. Unless, of course, they're an awesome rock covers band from Rushden/Higham Ferrers. The quartet felt somewhat withheld at first however as their set progressed the band's love of venting aggro, playing furiously and bursting eardrums really unravelled.

Scott Walters
Scott doesn't just go down a storm at The Y Factor's events, the guy's practically a typhoon. His breathtaking loop pedal setup saw him crowned champion in March, and once again the crowds were marvelling at his talent in complete awe. Keep 'em peeled for his 'This Time' EP coming 26th October.

Iain Watson
Spry romantic Iain competed a few years ago before disappearing off to Music College however - like the Jedi, the Mack and indeed the Space Cowboy - he has returned! During that time his vocals have matured dramatically, as have his deeply infectious melodies. Iain Watson - you gorgeous little dazzler.

Full Time Rookies
Raunds' answer to The Strokes, this six piece originated as a covers band but have since picked up the pen to great success. And despite being alt-rock numbers, they've got some serious grooves on them too. Playing summer-glazed guitar pop is no mean feat, yet these breeze through it as coolly as a cucumber.

What better way is there to end a night than with jugular throbbing and your eardrums on fire? Or at least that's what it felt like anyway. Having made definite improvements as both individuals and a collective, the thrash metallers unleashed their unrestrained rage in a barrage of pummels, roars and monstrous riffery. Turn it up to the max.

So if you're a musician, under twenty-five and living in Northamptonshire then email Get on that stage you rapscallions!

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