Saturday, 22 June 2013

Here have some beautiful music: William Arcane, Jamie Isaac, GAPS

Choosing which of these three jaw-droppingly gorgeous songs I think is best - and therefore should feature on this site - is proving to be a challenge beyond impossible.
On one hand you've got the stunningly voiced William Arcane, whose haunting minimalism has crept, subtly, into one of the many soft spots of my heart.

Then there's Jamie Isaac. He entered my tender valves through a combination of spine-chilling craftsmanship and poignant atmospherics, not to mention the fact he's chums with King Krule.

Magnificent duo GAPS complete the trio (sheesh, I'm about to go into cardiac arrest here!) in authentic Brighton style: delicately, enchantingly, and accompanied by clamorous seagulls.

Oh, for crying out loud! I'll never be able to decide! This is hopeless! Just take the lot of them and be done with it!

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