Friday, 14 June 2013

EP Review: Jordan Herbert - Anniversary

He's done it again, that Jordan Herbert. A year on from his debut album 'Nothing More Nothing Less', Jordan and producer/guitarist Harley-Joe Arnold have created yet another unbelievably catchy hit single. 'Price of Living' is loaded with cleverly crafted, tongue-in-cheek lyricism; it's a product of the duo being aspirational but at same time larking about. Music that puts a smile on your face, I can't argue with that!

Following that the 'Anniversary' EP takes a turn for the romantic. Luckily not in the gut-wrenchingly soppy way. There's a real texture of honesty to be heard in Jordan's voice on the next two tracks, coming to fruition especially when he's belting out the choruses but also in the acoustic hip-pop laid down in between. And although 'Shouting Whispers' isn't quite as catchy as 'Price of Living' or 'Past Life', it's a fantastic EP concluder nonetheless.

Is there anything wrong with making mainstream music if it's exciting, new and original? Not in my books there isn't. And Jordan and Harley have got exciting, new and original down to a T.

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