Friday, 21 June 2013

Album Review: Lew Bear - Down By The Riverside

As musicians become increasingly dependant on technology, we are faced with a conveyor belt of sterile, manufactured albums. Fortunately Lew Bear is here to act as a counterbalance to the computerised. His 'Down By The Riverside' has been created completely naturalistically (and by that I don't mean stark naked!) without an overdub or mixdown in sight.

The effect, therefore, of this al fresco LP, is utter tranquillity. Birds tweeting, rivers flowing and the ambience of Mother Nature all provide beautiful accompaniment to the rural-themed folk songs. Admittedly there are the occasional defects, but that's the brilliance of live music; overall 'Down By The Riverside' is a confidently-written, warming, bare-boned stunner.

'Down By The Riverside' is Lew Bear's second album. As well as guitar the album features Lew playing mandola and bouzouki (and performing a cappella too). There is a limited edition run of 50 CDs which contain four bonus tracks, and I suggest you buy one of those.

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