Friday, 31 May 2013

Northampton Playlist - April/May

Sacred Mother Tongue - 'Out Of Darkness'

Temples - 'Colours To Life'

Maps - 'A.M.A.'

TANAOU - 'A Nursing Home In Full Swing'

Silver Arm - 'Dead Tongues'

Strangers - 'Something New (No Ceremony/// Remix)'
Billy Lockett - 'Pathways EP'

Jubilee Courts - 'Room With A View'

Jubilee Courts - 'Room With A View (Joshua Ryan Remix)'

Secret Fix - 'Paralysed'

Daniel Dobbs - 'Support EP'

Kenneth J Nash - 'The Brewer & The Dealer'

The Morning Chorus - 'Life Is A Battle EP'
MumboJumbo - 'Chicken Swing EP'

Lovely Giraffe - 'Faux Sophiste'

Scrumpy Bastards - 'Hoofin' It EP'

Seifer & Surgical - 'Crowd Control'

Sean Grant - 'We The Working Class'
Audiio Narxx - 'Challenge Vol. 2'
Strange Rollers - 'Funky Moloco'

Ned The Kids Dylan - 'My Life'

Statz - 'East On The Map 2 EP'
Yoshe - 'Be The First'

Megan Balmford - 'Mine'

Tigerstyle - 'Side A EP'

Persona1600 - 'The Mechanical Mind EP'

Izzie Gibbs - '#WhoIzzie'

Jasconius - 'Enmity EP'

Stormbringer - 'Grinder'

Code500 - 'Nothing's As It Seems'

The Repeat Offenders - 'What Happens'

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