Friday, 12 April 2013

Album Review: Default Rock Star - Universal Rock

Default Rock Star

I wasn't aware house producers even released albums anymore except for deadmau5, I thought they all just popped tracks up on Soundcloud and put out the occasional tiddly EP here and there. Well not Default Rock Star. Compiled from over two decades' worth of creations, Universal Rock shows real flare in the range of electronica that it covers - some songs keeping to a crisp regularity whilst others are warped into unearthly analogue contortions - creative, confident and above all massively exciting.

So just because the days when The Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk used to get to number one have been replaced by David Guetta and LMFAO that's not to say that great electronic music isn't out there any more. All we have to do is search for it.

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