Saturday, 23 March 2013

Single Review: Strangers - Something New

By rule of thumb any song that conatins the line "When you kiss me it feels like..." has got about as much in way of originality as an overweight, middle-aged drag act in a Christmas panto. Obviously Strangers vocalist David Maddox-Jones didn't receive that particular memo. His emotional falsetto rushes urgently into the cliché, showered by the heart-fluttering dramatics of Raife's thudding drum beat and Piers' sparkling synthesisers for maximum epic potential.

Not enough excitement for you? Something New was produced by none other than Dimitri Tikovoi (who has worked with the likes of Goldfrapp, Placebo, The Horrors and John Cale) and features Eleanor Fletcher of Crystal Fighters on guest vocals. And if that doesn't scream "THIS BAND ARE GOING TO BE MASSIVE" then I don't know what will.

Update 15.04.13
This is the rather flamboyant music video for Something New. Imagine Kate Bush on an acid trip and you won't be far off.

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