Saturday, 30 March 2013

Single Review: Misty's Big Adventure - Aggression

You're kidding, right? Even if they had Rottweilers tied around their necks and were brandishing eighteen inch machetes, Misty's Big Adventure still wouldn't know aggression if it walked up in front of them and walloped them in the face (although, by the look of the music video, it wouldn't be the only thing). Whilst Grandmaster Gareth impassively muses "Are we really any different to the Neanderthals?", Aggression's jazzed up 2 Tone melodies caper merrily from start to end (holding hands and looking both ways before they cross the road, no doubt), with a glutinous synthesiser breakdown and xylophone peppering midway through, before creating the ska pop version of Thriller-meets-Gangnam Style in the final thirty seconds.

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