Saturday, 2 March 2013

Serious Types Presents... The Severed Limb at Northampton Ex-Servicemen's Club

As well as having two of the finest sets of ears in Northampton, DIY record label/gig putter on-erers Serious Types pride themselves on utilising some of the town's less conventional music venues - from JJ Stone's EP release at The Playhouse Theatre to a Wicksteed Park Weekender - and once again Bekki & Gary have deviated off the beaten track of Northampton into the warm, charming heart of one of our least known secret gems: The Ex-Servicemen's Club. The band in question were The Severed Limb, and boy did they ROCK

First to step on stage was the mesmerising Leila Keeney, weaving spells of Delta Blues chirpiness and pristine acousticality with an astonishing immunity to the plague of monotony that has blighted so many of the singer-songwriters today. Using nothing more than her voice, a guitar and gallons of raw talent, the Letterkenny teenager not only blew the audience off their feet, she virtually stole the show.

Chocks away for act number two: the flight jacket-clad Joe B. Humbled performing as part of his brilliant Prop Driven Karzi solo project. As turbulent as ever, the Mobbs main man gave a full-throttle bombardment of frenzied garage punk, groan-a-minute aviatory puns and had a toilet roll slung round his hi-hat. As you can tell he's taking it perfectly seriously!

And then there were the headliners. On the second night of a ten-stop tour that would take them to the musical hotspots of Telford and Southend-On-Sea, an insuppressible whirlwind of pure, unadulterated energy swept across Northampton in the form of London's six piece skiffle spectacular The Severed Limb. Hailing from the same neighbourhood as The Clash and with a mutual adoration of Lonnie Donegan, these retromaniacs are so broadly influenced they might as well have called their new LP Chewing Guns on the Bedposts of Brixton Overnight (as if Kill You and Bill You the Price of the Bullet wasn't enough of a tongue twister already!)



The Severed Limb Extravaganza:

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