Monday, 18 February 2013

Wildfire Sessions Interview

A while ago we caught up with Stevie Jones from the Wildfire Sessions for a short chat about their brand new charity compilation Songs For Shelter. Here's what he had to say:

Tell us about Songs For Shelter
It was put together by myself and a guy called Stevie Rigsby who set up his own recording service and he's recorded many of the artists that feature on this CD. There's twenty artists, twenty tracks, they're all featured artists who've played at Wildfire Sessions gigs and open mics, and they've all kindly donated their songs for this really good charity. Basically all the money goes to Shelter. I've put on charity gigs for it for the past three or four years but this year having the CD as well has helped even more.
So what is Shelter? What does it do?
Well, it's a homeless charity - obviously has a lot of associations with Big Issue which helps its cause no end - but if you're homeless or you're about to be made homeless and you want housing advise then there's people there at the end of the phone that can help you. I think it's an incredible thing, particularly this time of the year when it's really cold and you look out of your window and think "God, I wouldn't want to be sleeping out rough in this." But there's people who are either in that position or are worried about being in that position and without people like ourselves raising money for that charity then they wouldn't exist.
How can people get there hands on a copy of the CD then?
At the moment we're going to be making physical hard copies only available until the end of the month [January]. Now that may change but at the moment we've just been bashing out small quantities at a time, so if you go to the website you can order one online until 31st January. After that if you go online if there's any copies left you may be able to get hold of one or you can download tracks individually or the whole album at a three pound minimum donation. There's a real good mixture, it's all acoustic based stuff and there's people of all ages on there as well: you've got Robbie & Lucy who are fourteen years old and then people like the KRAB boys who are ... erm ... considerably older than that! So it's a real range of stuff on there, and it's all original as well.

The tracklisting for Songs for Shelter goes as follows:

KRAB - Only Love Can Mend A Broken Heart

Rogue State Circus - The Girl In The Moon

Robbie & Lucy Barron - The World Song

Alex Hyde - Ideas

Dan Hughes - Future Holds

Apollo's Mob - Strawberry Laces

Phoebe Louise - I'm Not Moving

Stevie Rigsby - Magic Chinese Lantern Dreams

Abbie Hutt - The Girl Who Has Everything

Sarah Carter - Shine On You

Kevin O'Regan - The Fragrance Of Your Perfume

Andy "Woolford" Scott - Stars

Jen Dobson - Future Tense

Stevie Jones & Mark Gill - Weather The Storm

Kenneth J. Nash - Nothing How It Seems

Bob Cousins - Broken Man

Lew Bear - Entropy

Inside Voice - Year In A Glass

Higher Plane - Hummingbird

Paul Strummer - Twist Of Fortune

Adam Ward - I'll Be There

Birdey - P.S. I'm Still In Love With You

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