Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bedge's Favourite Northampton Christmas Tunes Pt.2

It's Christmaaaaaaaaas! Like it or loath it, the annual tradition of the festive single is one that's set to last until the end of time (which, to be fair, is only a week away anyway). And even in this little old town of Northampton the hits are flooding in thicker and faster than ever. So if you fancy sticking on a bit of the local stuff this Christmas, here's my hand-picked selection of some of the best.
Billy Lockett - Only In December
To conclude a sensational year of tours and releases (which included supporting the brilliant Nina Nesbitt and Josh Kumra) Only In December is Billy's heartbroken festive ditty to really get us in that Christmas spirit! Enticing his ex to "Come on back to me/Help me decorate this tree" and with a black and white montage in accompaniment, it's the Billy that everybody loves only with a touch of Crimbo cheesiness to make Only In December a real Christmas cracker!

Darrin South (SMT) - Fairytale Of New York
Presented to us over two videos as part of Transcend Media's Advent Calendar (cause now that his band is signed to EMI the Sacred Mother Tongue frontman is waaaaayyy too big for just the one vid), Darrin - armed with an acoustic guitar and the power of his own voice - tackles the now-timeless festive classic. And you know what, even when he's not screaming his head off, he's still a blooming great musician.

Andy James (SMT) - Rudolf The Red Nose Metal Head
Yep, you guessed it, more Christmas goodies courtesy of Transcend Media, only this time coming from Sacred Mother Tongue's guitarist Andy James. You can actually do it home too if you like: take Ruldoph, metal it up, shred it out, develop the ultra-mega-super-showoffy-talent that only people like Andy James possess, and then just let rip.

Coming up in Part 3: The Moons cover Bing Crosby, a Peter Marchant stonker and that all important 1983 rockabilly classic.

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