Friday, 16 November 2012

Album Review: Korrozion - Korrozion

Recently fallen head over heels for Sacred Mother Tongue? Keen to find out what other little nuggets are hidden away in Northampton? Live within a five mile radius of the Bicester Courtyard Centre and free on Wednesday 21st September? Okay, so maybe that's a little bit niche. How about: want to hear four of the underage heavy metal stars of the future? Well look no further that Korrozion, the Towcester teenage commotion that's released a venomous first album, received widespread radio airplay and will now support Sacred Mother Tongue on their 2012 world tour this Wednesday.

Whilst most bands their age might have a couple of tracks on Facebook and the odd demo to flog, Korrozion are already proud fathers to their own full-length debut - and I'm telling you - it's colossal! The album catches you square in the face with a fist of 80s-style aggression and speed thrash shreddings, underpinned by acoustics for a finished product sounding utterly elephantine. All that, and yet this is a band not even old enough to take out a mortgage.
So to those who thought British heavy metal would die out in the next twenty years: sorry, we're not quite done yet!

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