Friday, 26 October 2012

Eclectic Eyes - you'd better watch out!

Be it Mary J Blige or Megadeth, Nick Drake or Tom Petty, Janis Joplin, The Beatles, The Who, musicians are virtually queing up to write their odes to the lovely Ms. Mary Jane. Northampton hip-hop/R'n'B supergroup Eclectic Eyes are the latest addition to that line up, their old-school sounding debut more of an AnalogyFest than a rap song with metaphors of "silk white dresses" and "first times in the park" galore, but this sultry number comes with promise of a mixtape coming very very soon.

Despite only being two months in existence, you might actually recognise a few of the names in Eclectic Eyes already: the awesome Ceasar accompanied by Jah Troopers beauty Amicia Sanchez, popstar Serena Leone and grime MC Jordan Dunstan with Big L'z on the buttons. The outcome is broad and varied, spanning a huge range of genres that the quintet have creamed and caramelised into one sweeeeet finished product. Eclectic Eyes - you'd better watch out!

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