Saturday, 29 September 2012

EP REVIEW: Charlotte Carpenter's new EP, there's no way we'll Let It Go

Just when you thought we'd squeezed every last drop of juicy deliciousness from Charlotte Carpenter's Let It Go EP the Kettering singer-songwriter spoons up a magical second helping. At the age of just twenty, Cheltenham-based label istartedthefire is the latest adoring supporter assisting Charlotte in becoming one of the hottest young artists in Britain today as they re-release her second extended play back into our hearts, gushing ecstatically to be discovered and remembered alike for the Marling-esque bouncy beauty Northamptonshire's come to know and love.

Let It Go's producer was discovered as all good producers are - a one-in-a-million encounter with Lee Russell (Ezio) at the Sainsburys checkouts - to help construct this unashamedly catchy gem. Opening track and single from the record Love Songs kicks off proceedings with an eneretic quirk, narrating a bittersweet tale of young romance including the ear-pricking honesty of: "it won't last forever, no, nothing does/a day feels like forever when you're young and you're in lo-o-ove!!!"

And although the idea of heartache and heartbreak runs throughout, Charlotte may well be trapped in a yo-yo the amount her melodies swoop and soar - completely different atmospheres on every song. Take Child's Heart, a pure-sounding and sorrowful lullaby, rollercoastering into energetic jig The City complete with hooks, plucks and steel guitars galore.

Under the initial setlist title-track Let It Go would then complete the EP triumphantly however, as if overcome with the joy of rhyming "cigarette" with "safety net", istartedthefire have added Take What You Want for a pulsating to end on. And thus, with all stories for this album told, they leave us on tenderhooks for more releases forthcoming. She's got the power, she's got the talent, with a bit of lucky fairydust who knows where we'll see the name Charlotte Carpenter in years to come?

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