Friday, 7 September 2012

Amvis's Teysean with a burning new mixtape El Fuego

Adopting the "music is a mission not a competition" ethos, when superstar Bilal verged on phenomenal success he came to launch the major career of Yemi Pade. Next up on the pecking order was East Coast-style Zimbabwean and Amvis Records creator Fari Hall aka Teysean, and two years on from their Chris Brown remix Hall proves his diversity once again with a second mini mixtape El Fuego, The Fire. And what a blazing record it is too!

Concrete Jungle scales uncharted waters, Paul Rey ramping it up deep, disgusting and dubstep to take every listener by complete surprise (apart from those who read this review first obviously). From there Teysean returns to his wondrous norm - telling of his journey from Harare to today over jazzed-out hazy samples (a more delicate sound only for those ladies flying "Tay Air Lines") - on all but a summer-licked remix of Dawn Penn's rocksteady classic You Don't Love Me. This is El Fuego, Spanish for The Fire, from a young rapper who'll be burning for some time to come.

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