Friday, 24 August 2012

Why shouldn't you? It's Nina Harries' diverse debut EP

Shadowed by the success of her elder brother, I imagine singer-songwriter and double bassist Nina Harries sitting in the Serious Types studio rubbing her fingertips together as she plots revenge on every time she's been labelled as merely the younger sister of Joel Harries. This new EP ought to do just the trick, after her work on JJ Stone's Superheart another chance to prove herself to all the sceptics as a diverse, contemporary musician in her own rights. And you know what? She's absolutely smashed it.

Vulgar language aside, the syrupy bass of Song A caught my ear immediately, its in-ya-face simplicity and harsh, blunt lyrics making an incredibly quirky opening. After presumably being fired from her job for unreported absence, Why Should I? isn't quite as peculiar but the acoustic musician delivers a heart-warming little beauty nonetheless. And who knows, in the future we may well find ourselves saying: "Joel Harries, you know the one, Nina's brother!"

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