Saturday, 25 August 2012

Two songs, but there can only be one Daventry anthem

I take no shame in putting my hands up as an insufferable sucker for any song written about Northamptonshire, loving everything from Linda Jardim to Big Country, so imagine my excitement as this week gave birth to not one but two songs written about the lovely town of Daventry. The first one is a summery beauty about Albert and Jeff Carr's love of "dear old Daventry Town," a heart warmingly fuzzy nostalgia glittering throughout as they sing of their "summers so blue and autumns so brown" (accompanied by hometown proud photos of the local McDonalds!)

Song two isn't anywhere near as lovely as the above, Middy and Middo telling the tales of Daventry's other side with a nasty hip-hop piece about a crime ridden street life from the in your face rap duo. They've still got so much room to grow, but for a first track this speedy spitting and smooth soulful singing could well be the start of something absolutely awesome. Beautiful ballad or ruthless rap, which is your favourite Daventry anthem?

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