Friday, 31 August 2012

"Rapping it up" on the streets of Corby hip-hop

Corby. It's a hubbub of heavy metal: creating the Raging Speedhorn/Viking Skull monstrosity, home to Kerrang!'s new favourites Acoda and a whole host of other talents just waiting to be discovered. But what about the rap scene? The hippity hop? The beats from the streets? Well have no fear because, while they may not have the camera quality of Smash Down or Grime Box, Corby has its few channels as well. The main player is Razor Raw Rhymers with Strictly Barz, Longdin and the brand new CC-TV showcasing as well. Jamzy, Regz, Flowzy, Ian Spitz, Bad Man D and Switch - six names you Corby rap fans should start getting pretty pretty used to pretty pretty soon.

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