Saturday, 11 August 2012

Northampton's Golden Olympians #1: Wiggins comes out as fan of (mod-dly enough) The Moons

This year alone he's become the first Brit ever to win the Tour de France, been awarded his seventh Olympic medal for the road race in London and now Bradley Wiggins is fast on the way to becoming number one road cycler in the world at the moment. But what music is it that's been inspiring the thirty year old mod on his gruelling races around the world? A little bit of The Who perhaps? Or maybe it's The Jam? No, in fact the lucky devil's got his mitts on an exclusive early copy of the second album from Northampton five piece The Moons, and he's been listening to nothing but since.

The cyclist has apparently been a fan since the incredible Life On Earth debut in 2010, striking a friendship with frontman Andy Crofts for his work with the band, online Rope mixes and also playing keys for some geezer called Paul Weller and whisking him off to an Adidas Olympic party along with Jessica Ennis, Jimmy Page, Mick Jones and Bobby Gillespie to name a few from the enviable star studded guest list.

In other news, The Moons' "best album yet" according to Wiggins Fables Of History is released in six week's time on Monday 24th September and can be purchased online or at their Roadmender homecoming gig of October 5th (they've sadly had to pull out of the Umbrella Fair headline slot). After Double Vision Love, Jennifer Sits Alone has been announced as the second single from the record, out on limited edition vinyl on 10th September. Add in more recent support for Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye, and yeah I'd say The Moons were having a fairly awesome year as well!

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