Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ending this (So Called) Summer with a Party In Paris (well, in The Labour Club)

Au revior. A bientot. Chow! And almost as soon as it began, the summer is over for Jack, Sean, Alex and Graham of Party In Paris as they conclude what has been a huge season of gigging, releases and plastering the town with their customised stickers as they play one final show at The Labour Club this Saturday (25th August) before the band must leave us to record what should be an amazing debut album on Stalkers Records as well as for drummer Sean to have a baby (I hate to say it guys but I don't actually think Sean's the one who'll be having the baby!) But, before we bid them a teary-eyed farewell for now, there's still this last show to play...

Party In Paris
Yes, believe it or not, Party In Paris will be playing the Party In Paris farewell gig! Started out as the side project for two ex-members of the awesome UK77, the band dream that one day their incredible rhythms will be taken to "The City of Light" so they can fulfil their title's potential of Partying it down all over Paris. Until then they'll just have to make do with "The Town of Shoes and Cannabis Dealers," heaps of awesome guitar riffs, heartfelt lyrics and more hooks than a professional angler making them one of the county's favourite undiscovered talents.

Badly Kept Fish
Brimming with energy to get whole "plaice" up on their feet, the teenage fin-omenon continue to blow the county away with an incredible sound packed full of infectious indie rock awesomeness. Across live venues, the radio and even on the NME website the side-swept racket-makers are tipped as one of the next big things to emerge out of the county and look firmly on their way to doing exactly that. I have no trout you're gonna love 'em!

The Casual T's
Sandwiched somewhere between S Club and U2, just like Decibels the psychedelic indie band The Casual T's have the amazing ability to relax you into a state of bliss as well as get you straight up on the Friday night dancefloor. The Northampton trio's beautifully upbeat harmonies and calming folk melodies have been winning them fans all over the county since late 2010 and with a performance on R&R World forthcoming Jordan, Grant and Chris look set to gain many more to come.

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