Saturday, 25 August 2012

A tranquil return for Chris Fordham's Silent Committee

The odds are you've probably already heard of at least one of the numerous bands Chris Fordham plays for. As well as his solo releases, the multi-talent has been in Enki for several years, plays live with both To Bury A Ghost and poet Jimtom Say? and was most recently appointed new bassist for the much loved Snakeman 3. And that's just currently; the CV of past bands in both recording and performing is staggering for a musician only in his mid-twenties. So it's surprising he even has time to squeeze in a side project, yet alone one with the minimistic beauty of The Silent Committee.

Interweaving Enki's electro harmonies, the melancholies of To Bury A Ghost, from The Snakeman 3 ... umm ... it's probably for best if that unpredictable lunacy stays contained between them actually, Chris this week featured on two compilations to mark his solo return this year. The first song was Plastic Symphony, for a DIY experiment of Hal McGee's, the sound of a Casio keyboard's glitterings in a trickling composition. BFW's Album In A Day took the second (well it would have to be an album in a day - he's busy on the other three hundred and sixty four!), his song Caffeine stimulating a childlike atmosphere as it drifts lazily into your ears.

Whether it be producing or performing, solo or accompanied, or a mix of them all, Chris Fordham is an artist with an incredible future ahead of him. To use the massively overused and horrifically bland cliché: this is a journey (yuck). And for him it's one that's only just begun.

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