Saturday, 7 July 2012

The smokin' hot hip-hop crew that is G13

The A13 is a major road running between Central London and South Essex. B13 is a French parkour film starring the founder of the sport David Belle. C13 is the Canadian name for a common M67 hand grenade. D13 is a 1.3 litre engine series found in certain subcompact Hondas throughout the 90s. E13 is a 180 ft submarine from the former half of World War I. F13 is a function key found exclusively on Apple Macintoshes (because Steve Jobs was just that cool). But we're not interested in any of those thirteens, no siree, because it's time for me to introduce you to the next big rap crew around the underground of Northampton: the deep, dark and nasty sounding G13.

Hosted by Brooklyn's Single A, G13 tore the whole thing up late last year on their debut collaborative mixtape. It opens explosively, bellowing out gritty and fearless lyrics straight from the street over a brutally grimy beat whilst gunshots explode all around them before descending into a relaxed chill for one of those deep midnight hip-hop moods, the flaring anger transformed to a more firm-rooted and real-life account of each members' life.

Throughout we hear mostly from Reskology, L.O.N.DON, Kutta K and SoReal whilst Gritty Gritz and Ruggid only pop up once each for a  ittle three minute monologue (and Audiio Narxx and Kreaps not appearing at all!), not to mention a monstrous collaboration with fellow Northants rapper Ceasar in the form of Doing Me. The vast array of sampling is even odder: everything from Milk Inc. to AraabMukik, DJ Khaled to Natasha Bedingfield (not forgetting SoReal bizarrely paying respect to the legend that is Johnny Cash). Reskology features rarely as a producer (hint hint: please sir, can we have some more) however, when he does, it's bitter bassy beats all the way, creating an even stronger underground feel for an LP that'll have people waiting for part two with bated breath.

G13 - put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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