Friday, 22 June 2012

Weldonfest is back for 2012, and it's bigger than ever

For the fifth year running, the annual Corby mega-event that is Weldonfest takes place tomorrow Saturday 23rd June from 11am for a bargain £10! Having previously been held at the Weldon F.C. grounds, 2012 will see Corby Rugby Club will be play host to over fifty acts across four stages and tents as well as a whole host of other stalls, kids events and, most importantly of all, beer tents. So who's ready to meet the line-up?

Main Stage

They've already jammed out at the likes of GlastonBudget and TribFest, but the 11-piece tribute band to Alan Parker's incredible The Commitments (a real essential watch for all you yet to discover it) are kicking off the Main Stage with some hip-wigglin' funky soul stonkers, getting you in the grooove.

Next up we've got another tribute band, this time to 70s punk band Dr. Feelgood. Formerly Lucky 7even (not to be confused with the boyband 5ive), their riff-laiden rocky rhythms packed fulla harmonica have got it all: The Feel Good Factor, The X Factor and, most of all, The Wow Factor.

Deaf By Thirty? Well if you do insist on making such a racket what do you expect?! With an eclectic set list including everything from Thin Lizzy to The Beatles to Oasis, the thundering five piece provide a snapshot of everything pure, great and rock 'n' roll from the last fifty years.

Disco inferno! They're armed and dangerous all right; Burn City Burn are an immense hard rock/heavy metal/ "generally awesome so who cares what the genre is" five piece. Bring your air guitars folks because you'll need them for these blaring beasts. Let's face it anyone who can call Northampton a "monotonous music scene" and still stay in my good books has to be brilliant.

With a whopping nine members, the live and loud cover band's in-your-face rock 'n' roll enormity gives them a repertoire that puts All Right Now by Free alongside Robbie Williams' Let Me Entertain You, and pulls it off in style.

Dirty Money
You guessed it another covers band (just thought I'd clear that up for anyone hoping/dreading Diddy and co. would be coming to town), soothing your ears after Burn City Burn and Deaf By Thirty's ruckus with some lovely little acoustic tunes - and maybe a bit of Pussy Cat Dolls thrown in for luck!

Always pawsome and never re-pug-nant, a typical Dogs set en-tails some classics from the bark-ives as well a few modern tracks played with tail-waggin' energy like they're on cloud ca-nine (ooh, that pun was ruff!). When these four are un-leashed the last thing you'll want to do is flea.

The Retro's
As nostalgic as their name implies, the trio cover a range of explosive 60s blues classics alongside a number of their own (yes people, a band on the Main Stage that doesn't just do covers) psychedelia-tinted rip roarers.

Formed under the name Answers On A Postcard, a sudden influx of questions - Where can we hear more? Why so many line up changes? What on Earth are you doing on the Weldonfest Main Stage when you're not a covers band? - led to the realisation that there just wasn't enough room on a postcard to fit all the answers on! So the name was changed, ready to corrupt your mind with layer upon layer of energised pop rock awesomeness, cranked up to the max.

A'Coo Stick' Tent

Adelle Kirk & Mark Gill

Alex Hyde

A Quiet Riot


Crabby and the Boys

'Em Dolphins


The Front Porch Preachers

Hannah Faulkner

Kenneth J Nash
I know Kenneth is a name usually associated with gangster rappers and metal guitarists, but this haunting singer-songwriter takes folk right back to its dark, sombre roots. Emanating raw emotion, I would recommend his Under A Gypsy Moon LP to any admirer of Leonard Cohen's remarkable musical era.


IMP (Indie Metal Punk) Tent

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