Friday, 15 June 2012

Viking Skull - Cursed By The Sword: prepare to be well and truly musically beheaded

After the incredible success of Corby sludgecore band Raging Speedhorn, Roddy, Darren, Gordon, Frank and Waldie decided to form Viking Skull in the vain hope of a few free beers at gigs. Three studio albums, two EPs, several UK tours (including a couple of Download appearances), a major split/reformation and nearly one million Myspace plays down the line, they've certainly downed their fair share of Guinness pints! Guitars to the max, the alcohol-fuelled five piece have rocked out at well over 100 gigs during their decade in existence, and show no sign of stopping.

Brutally awesome, their forth studio album Cursed By The Sword follows up 2010's twenty-track compilation epic in fist-pumping style. The Yorkie Bars of Northants metal, this is old school heavyweight stuff with Motorhead, AC/DC and Black Sabbath scorched into every second of rock 'n' roll raucousness. The album hooks you in with the first riff of Five Fingers Of Steel, past the You Look Like I Need A Beer, Machine Gun Honey and This Is The End anthems right up to the bassed out Sleepwalk finale - and then straight to the repeat button to play it all again.

With a vast array of equally amazing sounds showcased through all ten songs, this is what some are calling Viking Skull's greatest yet and I'm almost inclined to agree. Cursed By The Sword is however my favourite local album so far this year and one of the best I've heard in ages. Ten fantastic years down the line all I can really say is: so when do we get the next one?


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