Wednesday, 6 June 2012

TWINFEST: Saturday 9th June at The Wig & Pen

It's The Wig & Pen's second Twinfest outing of the weekend, another chance to showcase some of the brilliant talents from our town and those linked to it. Every year since the dawn of time, Northampton, Marburg and Poitiers will select the acts they think the other towns will have most difficulty in pronouncing and then jet them off to perform as part of one huge weekend of music. Marburg's MANOPO as ever took place in March with Poitiers rounding things off later in October however it's now our turn to play host with seven separate events all over the county, and in a moment of stupidity I decided I'd review them all...

Saturday 9th June, 1pm-11pm, The Wig & Pen

The Happy Racket
Who doesn't like being really happy? And who doesn't like making a right old racket? Now imagine if you could combine those two in one exciting exclamation of acoustic folkness. Well, thanks to upbeat dance-a-long melodies of new local quartet The Happy Racket, you can! The band also specialise in tennis equipment for the under fives.

A unique blend of all things reggae, rock and ska with a deep political message who closed the semi-finals with a bang. They don't have the same sort of following as some of the other bands on the bill but they still make great songs that you can bop your head to, especially In The Box, as well as be really interested in the sound and lyrics.
Scott Booth
Mesmerising unique, this year's Y Factor champion will blow you off your feet as, sitting on stage with only a guitar, he proceeds to strum up a phenomenal wall of stripped-back, empowering acoustic brilliance - warming you right up to the cockles - that anticipates massive feats to come from this mega-talented teenager. Charlie Sloth isn't the only one who's got Fire in the Booth!

The Midnight To Six Men
Disappointingly only on from eight pm till nine (yes I was expecting a six hour set) the retro beat trio might have formed fifty years too late but that doesn't mean they're not still an incredible and ever improving garage band, furiously covering nothing but pure classic rock 'n' roll baby! Again, Marburg never fail to deliver - although you should note that all our bands write for themselves (low blow, sorry guys).

Furious 55s
Grandmaster Flash's band seems to have changed a fair bit since they released The Message. Now a much adored blues trio taking rock 'n' roll and rockabilly right back to its roots, the ex-Kingpins members will blast you straight onto the floor and jitterbuggin' away with their seamlessly raw garage tunes. "Simultaneously raise the roof and bring the house down" they say . . . well at least it'll be a great way for The Wig & Pen to go!

Baptiste Pizon
Finally, a name on this year's Twinfest that actually sounds foreign (and thus, to most UK listeners, like a complete and utter weirdo!) But skip past the language barrier and Baptiste Pizon is an undiscovered gem, drawing on influences from France's traditional folk music, classic rock 'n' roll, unadulterated funk and classical grandeur to create an awesome, extravagant and, dare I say, rather sexy sound.

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