Sunday, 13 May 2012

One More Year - The View From Where I Stand: looking pretty awesome from ... umm ... where I stand

If, in some wacky evolution of musical legitimacy, it became illegal to give your band a name that could only be used in a certain genre of music, One More Year would be cutting it pretty fine. I mean, with a title like that, they're not going to be the next big hip-hop or gangsta rap crew are they? Thought not. They are, however, one of Northampton's most explosive post-hardcore pop punk gems, and they're tearing our county down.

Christmas doesn't tend to make a habit of arriving on a rather dismal May weekend but for One More Year (and for their fans for that matter) it might as well have with the release of their debut EP, a record that's been over a year in the making. The View From Where I Stand is a whirlwind of energised guitars, rapid drumming and incredible vocals, not to mention that beastly finishing track with Voices From The Fuselage's Scott Lockhart.

Now I'm game for all this inter-band collaboration stuff however there seems to be some serious bromancing between One More Year and another local indie band The Bad News Bears. The autotuned indie pop duo (think Owl City meets The Strokes) have an EP full of their summery upbeat tunes out later in 2012. Whether they're like that best friend who supports you on your journey throughout or that annoying little brother who just won't go away, both One More Year and The Bad News Bears sound like bands with much brighter futures ahead of them.

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