Saturday, 26 May 2012

72% Morrissey: 21% rock, 7% noise, 100% awesome!

In Spring 2009 My First Tooth member and now Hollyoaks star Joel Harries called for all the most talented Northamptoners with names starting with J to collaborate in a mega-group of epicness. So alongside Retro Spankees Josh Ryan and Joel Brown, the amplified monsters of 72% Morrissey were formed, forced to keep their destructive hardcore instrumentals to a maximum of two minutes in fear for the listener's sanity. Listen to Dirge on last year's self-titled debut however and you'll hear a totally new expansive and progressive side to the band (if you're eardrums aren't already blown by Greet The Meat that is).

Unfortunately each member appears to be involved with more bands than is humanly possible, leaving precious time for gigging together. So now that Joel Harries is on a break from touring round New Zealand to release his second solo album it only makes sense that they cram in all the performing they can. Armed with the lethal new track Ladies Leave, make sure you enjoy it while you can.

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