Thursday, 26 April 2012

Howlin' Hootin' Owls vs Real Live Owls: twit twoo's your favourite

Ornithologists take note, this Saturday (28th May) will see the two best, and the two only, owl bands in Northampton both perform at the Labour Club over one night of what has been described as "owl to owl combat." A rootsy blues/folk five piece, Howlin' Hootin' Owls are no strangers to shaking the odd tail feather to their acoustic lovelies. Featuring three members of the now defunct Hanuman, twangy picking and mellow harmonies feature throughout, kicking off your Saturday night with a great little barn dance (well I guess it's better than a snowy dance, and no one wants an eagle dance either!)

Their rivals go by the name of Real Live Owls, describing themselves as "old enough to know better" the four acoustic beauties have all the stripped-back atmospheric twangyness of their Howlin' Hootin' counterparts and absolutely none of the energy. Instead they swoop into the melancholy nest, cooling you down after the aforementioned tawny dance for a brilliant raw and guitar-driven Saturday evening for any local blues fan.

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