Saturday, 14 April 2012

Code500 - Red Flag EP: a valiant fusion of banging electro and classic rock 'n' roll

Over the past half century, the cast iron walls that once isolated the many genres of music have been gradually disintegrating, merging to create hybridised mish mashes of exotic and exciting new sounds out there just waiting to be explored. One band doing so is Northampton's prog-rock six-piece Code500, cooking up an immense psychedelia with their interwoven rock 'n' roll melodies and weighty electronica basslines, undoubtedly the oddest band in the county at the moment.

Launched at the Charles Bradlaugh at the end of March, their debut EP Red Flag was posted online just this week, and I'm already in love with it. It's got a very prominent Pink Floyd feel; some tracks firmly guitar lead, others more trip-hop than I expected, but a pleasant surprise nonetheless. I won't deny it, half an hour is pretty long for an EP (you'd be lucky to get more than six minutes from fellow local band Zola!) but Code500 aren't a band to play by the rules. They're unafraid to experiment. Unafraid to move away from the more "normal" sounding music. Unafraid to make the odd mistake here and there in safe knowledge that, when it goes right, they sound absolutely incredible.

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