Monday, 12 March 2012

Guide To Guitar Greatness: the top ten guitar pop songs for 12 March

I'm fed up of reading everywhere that guitar bands are to "much of a risk" this and "just aren't selling" that and, as I think the guitar is the best instrument ever, I've compiled a list of the top ten rock / indie / folk / punk / blues / metal / reggae / anything else with a guitar tunes from relatively unknown acts that I've been dancing to this week to give all those people a kick up the rump and prove there is still good mainstream guitar music out there:

10. Alabama Shakes - Hold On (down 2)

9. Laura Gibson - The Fire (new)
An outstanding, pacey shanty from the incredible La Grande album.

8. Jake Morley - Feet Don't Fail Me Now (down 2)

7. Born Gold - Lawn Knives (down 3)

6. The Crookes Afterglow (new)
Jump up riffs from the fourpiece's brilliant follow up album; you really should know the name already.

5. Tom Williams & The Boat - Teenage Blood (new)
Tight folk melodies with challenging commentry, should be touring with Frank Turner.

4. Electric Guest - American Daydream (new)
Catchy chants from this funked up LA duo. Like Gnarls Barkley covering Hard Knock Life.

3. Polica - Lay Your Cards Out (down 2)

2. Amanda Mair - Sense (new)
Heartfelt pop from Sweden's 17 year old answer to Stevie Nicks (Lykki Li being the older one)

1. The OK Social Club - The Shape of Things to Come (up 1)

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