Monday, 20 February 2012

Guide To Guitar Greatness: the top ten guitar pop songs for 20 Feb

I'm fed up of reading everywhere that guitar bands are to "much of a risk" this and "just aren't selling" that and, as I think the guitar is the best instrument ever, I've compiled a list of the top ten rock / indie / folk / punk / blues / metal / reggae / anything else with a guitar tunes from relatively unknown acts that I've been dancing to this week to give all those people a kick up the rump and prove there is still good mainstream guitar music out there:

10. Avalanche City - Love Love Love
Back in the Radio 2 playlist this was an anthem over 2011.

9. Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me
Next Two Door Cinema Club (I'm not tired of the first one) influenced by the dancier side of the 60s.

8. First Aid Kit - Emmylou
Wow, what a stunner of an album and an absolute gem of a record.

7. Willis Earl Beal - Evening's Kiss
The biggest new thing out of Chicago making unique brilliance.

6. Seasfire - Falling
You can't really argue with Radio 1, 6 Music and The Guardian - huge 2012 tip.

5. Jake Bugg - Trouble Town
A forty year old sound from a seventeen year old boy.

4. Spector - Chevy Thunder
Yes it's cheesy, yes its totally unoriginal but I still love it.

3. Wild Flag - Boom
Ugh, this band and that album both virtually reek of rock 'n' roll.

2. Ryan Keen - Thank You
Supporting Ed Sheeran, a guitarist who varies from luscious love songs to edgy rhythms.

1. Katzenjammer - I Will Dance
Just a great, fun folk song that I've been jigging too all week.

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