Friday, 17 February 2012

Charlotte Carpenter: new EP, same old Charlotte

Since it's release on Monday 13th I must have played Charlotte Carpenter's second EP Let It Go more times than I can count on my fingers. Absolutely addicted. The Kettering based singer songwriter has already conquered the county with her blend of Laura Marling-esque indie folk and bouncy pop melodies and she's now on her way to break through into the UK guitar scene.

Love Songs is the opening track and the big single from the record, sung beautifully by Carpenter's extremely raw, young sounding voice (a lot more beautifully than me in the shower). But there's no real stand out song on the EP; it's as consistent as The Cobbler's dreadful losing streak and in my opinion each and every one of those ditties have the potential to be leading singles. Saying that, Let It Go is by no means monotonous or in any way "safe". Quite the opposite, Charlotte switches from upbeat jigs like The City straight into ambient lullabies such as Child's Heart.

I seriously think I might just have a crush on this girl's voice. "A day feels like forever when your young and your in love" as well as the bubbly strings throughout remind me so much of Noah and the Whale's Five Years Time. Producer Lee Russell has done an excellent job mixing this one whilst maintaining that initial bareness. I might have got behind Hannah Faulkner for her Open Mic Competition in the short term but there can only be one solo queen to stand with Billy Lockett in Northamptonshire and that lady is Charlotte Carpenter.

And if that isn't reason enough to want to go and buy Let It Go from BandCamp or iTunes then I doubt I'll be able to sway you otherwise. It's the best EP I've heard in an age so I'm gutted that there are no local dates on her tour and highly recommend anyone in Leicester, Nottingham, London, Brighton, Portsmouth or Derby to pop out and enjoy her acoustic brilliance. I'll be one of the first in queue for the homecoming gig you bet. If my experience with A New Home is anything to go by then this is still going to be playing come November. LOVE IT!!!

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