Thursday, 23 February 2012

BBC Introducing in Northampton Tracklist: 17.2.12

Natasha spoke to Blacklight Pioneer and Jordan Herbert who performed a live one take of Past Life. There were also plays of the new songs from Decibels, Blacklight Pioneer and Sindewinder Raw Entertainment.

SHARKS - Arcane Effigies (worked with Serious Types and Zane Lowe's tip for 2012 - I agree)

Charlotte Carpenter - The City (from her Let It Go EP)

Decibels - Melancholy

A little natter with Blacklight Pioneer who have one main aim - to sound big!

Blacklight Pioneer - Worst In Me

Interview about metal gig Warnesfest in memory of Natasha Warnes who sadly took her life last year. The bands who performed were The Final Chapter, Tear Of Eden and locals Stereotypical Blues Train.

The Final Chapter - The Plague

RAMS' Pocket Radio - 1 + 2 (they played locally at the weekend and just seem to be everywhere online)

Billy Lockett - Don't Wait Up (new single out now)

A wee chat with Jordan Herbert a la Stay True and Past Life with his producer Harley-Joe "Harlz" Arnold. They discuss Herbert's love of swing, the new single on iTunes and what it's been like working together (should have got them apart so they can properly dish the dirt on each other).

Jordan Herbert - Past Life - Live

SRE - Optimus Grime (only featuring Flex, Hypes, Ill Murk, MG, Vader, Hitman, XP, Kaotic, Leshurr and Dizmak. One of the main reasons I love being a Northamptoner!)

Part Dos of Blacklight Pioneer where they talk about the forthcoming album, not following trends, approaching old age (they're 30?) and what I would sum up in a nutshell as being emos.

Blacklight Pioneer - When Life Falls Away

House of John Player - Capital Creep (wave pop musician from Bletchley who actually sounds pretty good)

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