Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dirtee Stank: already one of the mixtapes of the year

Fronted by Dizzee Rascal, the Dirtee Stank record label was founded in 2002 for Dizzee aka Dylan Mills to release I Luv U. It's now one of the biggest underground grime crews in the UK and just released its first joint mixtape. Made up of the awesome Newham Generals (D Double E and Footsie), teenage sensation Smurfie Syco and arguably the greatest female MC at the moment: Pepper, has smashed its way into my records of the year chart - and it was only released on the First of January!
Featuring the likes of Skrufizzer and Example, produced by DJ MK this pure rap extravaganza does nothing by halves. There's none of that Holiday electro-pop rubbish, just 100% down to the bone hip-hop. And boy does it do that; spitting faster than a bullet train, the unstoppable urban ultimates deliver nothing but the most hyped music and sickest lyrics. They may have been turned down by other labels because of their unstable lifestyles but Dizzee has taken them under his wing and moulded them into an almighty force not to be reckoned with.

The first single is a collaboration between Dizzee and Skru titled Guts N' Glory and it is one huge motherloving tune. Two guys - one at the top of his game, the other very nearly there - ripping into a mic, inspiring people around the country and making a downright ruckus. This is the sound you'll hear on the streets, from the deepest, darkest pirate radio stations to the major BBC ones, Dizzee and his gang have come out with not only a mixtape but a whole youth movement.

And their own solo stuff is sounding wicked also. Dizzee Rascal has confirmed that he'll have his fifth album out at some point later in the year as well as featuring on DJ Muggs' Bass For Your Face album with fellow London MC P Money and the one and only Chuck D from Public Enemy. D Double E has his Blukku Blukku EP available to download now and it's jam packed with nothing but bangers.

Footsie's Do You Get Me Boss comes out 5th September and, from what I've heard already, that is a definite date for your diary. Pepper will be supporting Rizzle Kick in their UK tour over February and March and there's nothing set in stone for Smurfie Syco but I'd bet my life that he's still working as hard as ever to bring us something epic. is the biggest and bestest slice of grime, hip-hop, dubstep and electro anywhere in the world at the moment, featuring only the hottest talent around and all put together in a twenty-five track masterpiece. This is the sort of music that your parents would bang on your door to turn down and when that happens there is only one possible response: crank the volume up even higher.

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