Friday, 6 January 2012

Ash Lane: the fun, friendly, fresh-faced foursome

Despite looking like something out of an Enid Blyton book, Ash Lane are a very modern pop rock band, taking the best flavours of every era: The Beatles, Queen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, The Vaccines etc. But the four boys are not just another same-sounding rock band out there; they've got the talent and versitility to switch between making jump-around like Two Door Cinema Club  and thrashing it out Bon Jove style. I have no doubt that these guys are going to get even bigger in the local Northampton scene and they're going exactly the right way about it.

The band have recently delivered two new songs (written by them, not covers) into the wild on their Facebook page and love is already coming in for them. You And Me is an excellently written love song that sounds lyrically more like a spin on a professional pop rock ballad. Rise Above The Sound is a lot harder than You And Me, containing tonnes of raw guitar, heavy energy and awesome power.

This band would be incredible if they were gruff-voiced, ripped, tatood, shaggy haired but, as they're parentally managed young teenagers, I doubt they'll be allowed to do that any time soon. Have no doubt though, they still know exactly how to rock out and provide a breath-taking performance that, even with the huge array of talent in The Y Factor and so on, stands out as one of the highlight acts of any evening.


  1. Great review, just the date for the Roadmender gig is wrong. It's January 21st, so still time to get your tickets and see them perform.

  2. you heard the man and stay locked to Bedge Music every Friday this month for more reviews of other acts playing the gig!