Friday, 13 January 2012

36 Keys: unlocking doors I never even knew existed

36 Keys? Interesting name and the music even more so. Politically motivated, the rocky reggae/ska band with a little bit of folk fused in on the side gave me quite a shock when, instead of a Jamaican genius rubbing in how good weather, food and music is over there, the funky intro was succeeded by a very British vocalist putting his political views on the table and discussing socialism, materialism, slavery and questioning the very way the Western World thinks. But I liked it nonetheless.

Firstly, the music they make is of such great quality; a couple of listens and their acoustic soulfulness really touches a chord somewhere deep inside of you and makes you pay attention for sure. Yes, they're quite quirky and unique which sometimes means that that their music can turn you off completely - that's the brilliant thing about subjectivity - and I know I've felt the same way about several of these "unique" bands but the fact of the matter is that I reckon 36 Keys are going to tickle your musical tastebuds and, unlike the more generic Ash Lane who were a Must Go And See These Guys Live Band, I know a lot of people, including myself, will be researching into them pretty, pretty deeply. You might feel differently.

Also they raise topics and issues that a lot of people tend to shy away from in their music. Believe me, they're no George Orwell but being able to openly talk about the mistreatment and ongoing separation of the Third World, the commercial exploitation from retailers and the quantity of information withheld by the government is brave at the very least. Show your support now by buying ordering one of their customised t-shirts or hoodies on the Facebook page.

You see, 36 Keys are a very personal band and I apologise if you think this review has been a bit too "I" and "me" but this is the sort of music that you might connect with immediately as one of the best songs you've ever heard or find you hate the band and everything they stand for. The former would be preferred, though.

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