Thursday, 8 December 2011

The Y Factor: Northampton's freshest talent

Many moons ago The Rotary Club of Northampton Beckett surveyed the music of that particular time. After several months of scrutinous observations, meticulous recordings and exhaustive labour The Rotary Club produced the following statement: "music is full of old fogies who think corduroy is still in fashion and Margaret Thatcher is PM!" Then they decided they had to do something about it; something that combined our youth excellence with top-notch live entertainment. And from that was born a brilliant talent competition and amazing opportunity for acts under 21 to promote themselves and for the musicians of the future to emerge into Northampton's superior scene. They called it - The Y Factor.

If you listened to any daytime Radio 1 last week you'd have heard last year's Y Factor winner, Billy Lockett, who was chosen as Artist of the Week by BBC Introducing for his flawless vocals, beautiful piano playing and trademark leather jacket. You can listen to the 20-year-old's soulful tones at the Penny Whistle on Saturday 17 December and, I assure you, he is not to be missed. Balance is the name of Billie's latest hit and it's an indie folk masterpiece. Fans of Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran or just lovely refreshing tunes should definitely be into this and, in my shamelessly biased opinion, it's the best thing UK-wide BBC Introducing have given us in a while.

Korrozion are considerably younger band at only fourteen but, apart from their adolescent voices, they have mature musical skills well above their age. For most bands I would call this a pinacle but really Korrozion are only just starting out. This heavy metal band are going to become major household names for rockers around the county very very soon, mark my words.

If you're an up and coming youth musician in Northamptonshire then I strongly reccomend you consider entering The Y Factor next year (don't be put off by the above acts, they're the creme de la creme) to get yourself out there and, who knows, big things could be happening for you in just a couple of years. Alternatively, if you are rightly interested in our future scene then see if you can attend some of the free Y Factor shows. Whether you're performing or watching, make sure you check out for all the latest info as soon as it comes out.

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