Sunday, 18 December 2011

Top 50 New Talents Of 2011: 50-26

As we approach the end of the year it's time to reflect on fifty of the hottest new musicians who have had a massive 2011. Even though it started out as only a top ten, I know there are about a gazillion names I missed out because I don't like their music, am putting them in my 2012 Tips chart or just forgot about them because I have a brain like a sieve. The artists who have been around for a while undercover and recently erupted into the mainstream will be counted next Sunday (or at least the ones I remember) but for now it's the new-ish names that many more people were introduced to this year and loved.

50 Keaton Henson

49 Dry The River

48 Jamie Woon

47 Dog Is Dead

46 Tribes

45 Gemini

44 Jakwob

43 The 2 Bears

42 Lowkey

41 Niki & The Dove

40 Jess Mills

39 Cults

38 Jai Paul

37 Warpaint

36 Lady Leshurr

35 Skrufizzer

34 Joker

33 Benjamin Francis Leftwich

32 Mz Bratt

31 Wu Lyf
30 Metronomy

29 Daley

28 Flux Pavillion

27 Dot Rotten

26 Fixers

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